ESD Workshop FAQ

What should I wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Athletic pants and a tshirt are generally a good choice. Karate students do not need to wear uniforms. Depending on where the workshop is, we may or may not wear shoes. Socks are optional if we don’t have shoes on.

If we’re in the karate space (790 Washington Street), we keep an exhaust vent going for air circulation so if it’s cold outside, it will be cold inside (similarly if it’s hot). You might want to wear layers in case you are hot/cold.

Can parents/guardians watch kids’ workshops?

Yes! Adults are very welcome to watch kids and youth classes.

What should I bring?

A water bottle is recommended, especially for workshops that are over an hour.

What previous experience do I need?

None! Empowerment Self Defense focuses on techniques that any person can do without the need for previous athletic or martial arts training. All activities can be adapted for physical limitations.

Where is it?

Most of our workshops are arranged for specific groups, so we meet where you are hosting us!

For workshops hosted by the karate school, we meet in the basement of First Parish Stoughton, 790 Washington Street, 02072. Come in through the back door (in the parking lot), then downstairs.

What if I have more questions?

Email Carmel: