Community Mobilization

In order to bring about true change, we must change the structures and systems around us. Working in community and connecting with others who share the same vision of true equality and justice helps keep us energized and revitalizes us.

Empowerment Changes connects people to groups in the Stoughton area that are working on issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice, equity, health and safety. We specifically look for groups that have an intersectional view of the issues they address: understanding the ways that differences social categories interact and impact an individual’s experience. The social categories we think about include, but aren’t limited to: race/ethnicity/heritage; gender/gender identity/gender expression; national origin/citizenship/immigration status; physical/intellectual ability; religion; sexuality; age; size/stature.

Please contact us if there are groups in the Stoughton area we should know more about or if you are seeking to connect with any such group.